Kamis, 28 April 2011

Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris

So, here's the interview with a teacher...

Name: E. Surbakti
Birth/place: Medan 20 April 1954
Education: Sekolah Rakyat Desa Lingga
SMPN Medan
STM Bandung
S1 Ekonomi Uninus
Experience: teaching for SMA Daya Siswa Bandung (1978-1980)
SMPN 5 JL. Sumatera Bandung (1978-1980)


The students were very polite and never did something bad to me. That's why, I always remind the atmosphere in a class and all the moment when I was standing in front of the class. You know, it's a very great job and had an experience like me is more precious than anything.


I was not a regular teacher, so my salary wasn't enough to buy me something. That's why I was teaching in 2 different schools in Bandung. Being a teacher is a full time dedication. You need to be patient and tough enough to be a teacher in my era.


I always remember that the dedication I did is worth enough to make me smile. And I always remember my father. He was a teacher too in a small village in North Sumatera, people paid him not with money but with rice or corn or fruits from their field.

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